About Us

 Digital Land survey bd is recognized as one of the top digital land surveying firm in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Land survey provides Land Surveying and Land Planning services for the development of private and public projects. Bangladesh Land survey has helped hundreds of clients to maximize the value of their projects by finding potential opportunities others often miss, creating practical, accurate design solutions and guiding projects through the often onerous Regulatory Process. Our Civil Engineering Company is proud to be a family business built on honesty, integrity and dependability.

For successfully running the business in wider scale we turned our company to a private limited company in the name & style of “Digital Land survey bd “. Qualified engineers and skilled technicians were employed to compete with multinationals in terms of rate and quality. We can boldly say that our company achieved the firm due to countless efforts of our employees. We also believe that our success depends on the experience and sincere efforts of our technical personnel and inspired collective management. Quality and accuracy of work are possible as we have sufficient modern equipment by which we can satisfy our clients.

Our range of services is inclusive of Topographical surveys, Geographical surveys, Hydrographical surveys, GPS & GNSS, Repairing & Maintenance, Lab Activities, Construction. There is a great demand for these in varied kinds of project management requirements and civil and structural engineering. Our services are renowned for being prompt, relevant, effective and accurate. In our field operations, we use cutting edge technologies, and all of the latest office processing and CAD software.

At Digital Land survey bd , we understand that it is the little things that make a big difference on your projects. Over the years, our clients have come to know and trust us for our consistent and thorough approach and also our dedication as a project partner. We are committed to helping you build a successful project.

Digital Land survey bd

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